Welcome to the Bundi Blog! Right now, I’m serving overseas with organization called Serge in a rural district of West Uganda called Bundibugyo. For the next 18 months or so, I’ll use this as a platform to communicate to the pieces of my heart who are faithfully serving back home and want to keep up with things on my end. If you’re new here, let me introduce myself!

I’m a coffee-powered Tennessee native with a college degree who’s almost always telling stories. Lover of Spencer Reid, Anastasia, and Whitney Houston circa 1990. Somewhere on the ENFJ–INFJ spectrum. My dad gives me wisdom, Jesus gives me hope, Nashville gives me a home base, and all three give me the means to navigate this crazy thing called perspective. (I mess up a lot and need help.)

This site has served many purposes and worn many hats over the years, but a few things have remained consistent: I never really know how often I’ll post (although I promise semi-frequent updates), how long each post will be, or what each post will specifically be about. Selfishly, I write things to serve as reminders for myself; but a main goal is for readers to engage with an imperfect verbal processor and leave challenged to look at things a little differently, because life’s mostly about how you look at things. It’s full of hard work and disappointment and exhaustion and ups and downs that are easy to drown in. But I believe in the good news of the Gospel, a grace freely given designed to make life so much fuller. So feel free to look around and learn with me (maybe laugh at me) as I continue to be humbled by the lessons and of perspective.

Tennessee mountains. Home sweet home to me!

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