Deployment Day Eve

First of all, I’m realizing right in this moment that I never formally announced it…….. but I am OFFICIALLY FULLY FUNDED!! The faithfulness of our Father has never been more tangible. It’s real. It’s happening.

I actually board a plane (several planes) tomorrow. TOMORROW. 25 hours of travel starting at 1:35pm central time.

Nashville –> Detroit –> Amsterdam –> Kigali, Rwanda –> Entebbe, Uganda

I’ll go from blue dot to yellow star, with a couple stops along the way. 🙂

And honestly, you guys… I’m brain dead. It’s been a whirlwind of transition this last month and goodbyes have never been my strong suit. This has truly been the beginning of relearning (again) what it feels like to have Jesus meet me in my weaknesses. For every sweet moment of excitement, there’s definitely been a bitter one that’s left a brutal sting. You can rarely say yes without saying no to something else, even if temporarily. It’s the worst feeling.

And then there’s all the last-minute shopping…

Momma Shan actually using those phone things in Target to achieve a real objective.

And the packing….

Before Adrianna Carter showed up.
AFTER Adrianna Carter showed up and literally found me in a puddle. She then packed everything for me. This is what 18 months of life looks like.

I’m set to arrive in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, at 10:20pm local time on Tuesday the 6th (2:20pm central time here). I’ll have smiling faces and open arms of dear friends waiting for me right outside baggage claim, and then we’ll head to the hotel and I will CRASH. After a few days in Kampala stocking up on things, a couple teammates and I will load the car and begin the 6-7 hour car ride to Bundibugyo.

As I’m writing this, I’m fighting off tears. Please pray for the emotional roller coaster that’s hitting full force tomorrow. How I long to be back living life in the East African jungle; but oh, how I hate leaving my people.

Also, pray that the travel goes smoothly with all bags/trunks in tow. That’s very much on the forefront of my brain… bags have a way of disappearing when one changes planes 3 times.

And pray for my closest Nashville community here. If I know they’re being lifted up in prayer, my heart will rest easier.

People came and went all day. Here’s a few towards the end of the night.

I’ve said this many times before, but thank you. Thank you. You’ve walked alongside me, prayed for me, prayed for my people, partnered with me financially, met logistical and physical needs along the way, fed me, caffeinated me, and loved me so much better than I ever thought possible.

Tomorrow begins a new season of trusting Jesus to reveal himself to me in the rural mountains of west Uganda. I’m buckling my seatbelt, but I need y’all to do the same.

We’re in this together, after all.


Yours faithfully,



6 thoughts on “Deployment Day Eve

  1. Love you so very dearly!! Prayers for you and my phone on full volume for the 25 hours of travel if you need ANYTHING. So proud to see you walking right into the face of fear and uncertainty and trusting that God will meet you there. Because he will. He so will. Love you love you love you.

  2. Patty Calvert

    Ashland….God loves you and so do I…..I saw your sweet mom yesterday at church and gave her a hug. Love to you as you travel that long road to find your calling. Love, patty

  3. Ryann Lievens

    Wowowowow. TODAY!

    So many prayers being sent up. For you, your team, the people of Uganda, your community in Nashville, Gage, your family. His grace is sufficient for you – his power is made perfect in your weakness! I pray that he will continuously remind you of his promise to work through you despite and regardless of your failure to impress him, earn his love, and obey his commands. You have JESUS’ perfect righteousness instead, undeserved, and his unfailing love that will never change. He has chosen you and not rejected you, so do not fear – he is with you. Do not dismay – he is your God. He will strengthen you and help you, he will uphold you with his righteous right hand. May our Heavenly Father fill you with the readiness that comes from that gospel of peace as your feet take steps across the world today. May he comfort you and fill you with joy and excitement to see where his story is taking you. May he love on your friends and family and grant them the ultimate assurance that you are in his hands, and there is no better or more secure place for you to be. May your relationship with Gage be strengthened in the knowledge that God’s plan is perfect, and may you be wonderful encouragements to each other and fountains of grace. I pray for blessed and honest relationships with your team and with the local people. For miraculous redemption stories and for sweet sweet friendships where his love is palpable.

    God’s going with you today, and so are we, in spirit. I can’t wait to see how our Lord is going to work over the next 18 months!!!!!

    Safe travels, and love love love in Christ, Ryann


  4. Joyce Small

    I love you Ashland, and am Praying for you. THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!!! Please, keep me IN on your journey and how I need to pray for you moving forward.

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