The Bundi-Bound Breakdown

Alright, team.

Right now I’m picturing a huddle spanning across all American time zones. A ginormous gathering to get everyone on the same page.

SO. Everyone, grab a seat. Game time is quickly approaching. Are you ready? I AM SO READY.

As many of you know, I’m moving to west Uganda in early September to join a team from Serge. I made a little announcement a while back, but I’ll give a brief recap real quick: I’ll be working for a local secondary boarding school (known as Christ School), primarily executing tasks and dreaming up strategies dealing with public relations and donor relations. I’ll also be pouring into the lives of female students by leading a small discipleship group, help with a little student recruitment, and maybe even spend some time developing student leaders. Best part? I’ve been before! Christ School and the small district of Bundibugyo, Uganda was first introduced to this Tennessee native back in the summer of 2014. God did a serious number on me through that place and its beautiful people, and I long to return.

Many of you have listened to me ramble about this far off country that I love so much. Many of you financially supported me the first time I went. Many of you are already financially supporting me in this second endeavor. Many, many, MANY of you have prayed for and encouraged me in countless ways. Not sure I’ll ever be able to thank you enough.

Many of you have also asked, “Ashland. Where are you at right now? In this present moment? What do you need? And this, my friends, is my favorite question. It reminds me how big God’s team is and fires. me. up.

My biggest and most pressing need is financial in nature, specifically in the monthly pledges department. Most of it stems from a timeline my team on the ground would like me to honor as best as I can. The breakdown is a little tedious; but follow me, here…. In order to attend the annual team vision retreat and map out goals, logistics, and hopes for this new position I’ll be filling (happens mid-September), I need to be en route to Uganda the first week of September. In order to complete the Ugandan work visa application process in time, my sending organization needs to begin that process in July. And in order for them to begin the process, they need to see me at 90% funded.

In short: I need to be at 90% in less than a month. 

Now… Do I have the utmost confidence that it’ll happen? Yes. We serve a faithful God! He’s given me plenty of tangible reason to believe that. But do I also feel the need to update my people as much as possible? YES! Look, I even made a pie chart for you.


Good news: I’m only lacking 30% of my funding, if I include all of the (incredible, amazing, humbling, beautiful) verbal commitments I’ve received. I’m still praying for God to raise up 1 supporter at $200/month, 5 supporters at $100/month, 5 supporters at $50/month, and 5 supporters at $25/month.

Better news: People are excited about what I’m doing and have told me they intend to financially support me in an effort to support what’s happening at Christ School! Look at all that red! Financial promises left and right. That’s huge!

Best news: I’M OVER HALFWAY THERE, PEOPLE! God is proving time and again that he wants me there. He’s rallying the troops for me, and it’s been nothing short of amazing.

If you haven’t gone through the donation process but have told me that you want to (or even if you haven’t told me), I’m about to tell you how to do that.

The best way to begin the partnership is to click here! (Easiest and fastest option by far.)

If you’d like to meet with me to talk about this some more, please call me! Or message me and I’ll call you! There are few things I love to talk about more than this, so reach out anytime. My cell phone is 901.517.8499.

Lastly… keep those prayers going, guys. I’m approaching a transition season, and those are rarely smooth or painless. It doesn’t diminish my heart for going in any way, but kicking comfort and routine to the curb is no small task. I couldn’t keep moving without y’all.

More posts to come. Thank you for loving me!

Thanks for huddling, team. Ready…. BREAK.