Bundi Never Felt So Good

I’m drenched in sweat 30 minutes after getting out of the truck, but it’s a sweat I’ve become OH so familiar with. The neighbor kids ran out to hug and greet us, so it doesn’t even bother me that the sun always favors the west side of the mountains.

The road connecting Fort Portal and Bundibugyo district.
The road connecting Fort Portal and Bundibugyo district.

Team Bundi said “wesaylo” to our evac refuge in Fort Portal this morning and officially made the trek west back home. That’s right, Nyahuka: the mzungus have returned, and we are the happiest. 

For the prayers and love sent our way from all over, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace has returned to the district once again! Constant communication with numerous Ugandan officials, the Serge office in Philadelphia, and past Bundibugyo team members ultimately secured the decision to come back. Those meetings and conference calls spanned four different time zones and used up more energy than anybody had to give. So, on that note: I’m incredibly thankful for the people who have assumed leadership roles during this unanticipated series of events. I saw prayerful pursuit of wisdom and patience throughout the entire ordeal. To me, nothing is more encouraging or comforting.

And who knew evacuation could be so peaceful and relaxing? Those words never went together in my head, but Fort Portal proved me wrong and ended up being the biggest blessing. We de-stressed, relaxed, spent time together, played with kids, laughed with kids, slept… It was a week well-spent. I also befriended a wonderful Dutch woman who owns a guest house and fed me well every night (I’ll miss you, Inneke), and I’m significantly better at Settlers of Catan than I was before we left.

Lunchtime selfie with some awesome teammates. Originally sent to Mom, repurposed for the blog.
Lunchtime selfie with some awesome teammates. Originally taken and sent to ease Mom’s mind.

I now face my final two weeks here. As usual, I’m a ball of mixed emotion about it… but I’m mostly excited to reconnect with the people of Nyahuka village. Kids Club is tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t wait to color and play with those neighborhood munchkins. I’ll try to ask someone for the purple crayon, it won’t make it through the language barrier, we’ll play charades until something registers, I’ll settle for the green crayon I ultimately get handed to me…Back to the routine. 

Basically, life has resumed again in Bundi. And all of western Uganda said, “AMEN!”

Sending love from the Mission grounds. Xoxo.

Kid’s Club at its finest.

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