Team Statement from Bundibugyo

Dear Supporters/Family/Friends,

Over the past few days there have been many reports in the news of conflict within western Uganda.  We would like to clarify a few things as well as ask for prayer for the people of Uganda and our team.

We believe the series of events that began on Saturday, July 5, in the western region was caused by tribally rooted tensions.  Even though we never felt as though our mission (team) was a target, we made the decision to remove ourselves from the area as the atmosphere in our immediate area intensified.  We are thankful that God granted us the grace to be evacuated to Fort Portal and remain safe, and we are closely monitoring the situation in Bundibugyo.

Please pray for the local families in this western region who have lost loved ones as a result of the fighting that has been taking place.  Please pray against any fear in our hearts that has arisen due to the intensity of what we have recently experienced.  Pray that we would believe Proverbs 29:25 and put our trust in Him.  Lastly, please pray for peace in Uganda and for wisdom for our team and organization as we continue to assess the conditions in western Uganda at this time.


Serge, Team Bundibugyo

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