GPA Doesn’t Matter

First, I fully understand and acknowledge that the title of this post is outrageous. And repeating the title of this post to myself out loud during the first week and a half of December? Equally outrageous. But I came across an Elite Daily article about a month ago that’s worth sharing. If you have the time, I recommend reading the entire post here: But if you don’t, I’ve picked my three favorite reasons why GPA isn’t as big of a deal as most people think. And I’ve summarized them below.

*Disclaimer: there is a valid reason why GPAs exist. The motivational quality of the grading system in school proves it was created for a purpose. And it’s not to stress out students and cause mental breakdowns. Without a system for grading, how else can we measure our own progress and learn to push ourselves to reach our full potential? No, GPAs are important. The problem comes when the value of a number takes priority over the value of education itself. No time for that.

Okay. For real, this time. Reasons why GPA is overrated, as told by Elite Daily:

1. Google said so. The article has a direct quote from the Senior Vice President of Google’s HR department: “One of the things we’ve seen from all our data crunching is that G.P.A.’s are worthless as criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless. After two or three years, your ability to perform at Google is completely unrelated to how you performed when you were in school, because the skills you required in college are very different.” If a name like Google is concerned about other things before they’re concerned with your college grade point average, then why aren’t we of the same mindset? Come on, guys… This is GOOGLE.

2. There are things in this world that mean more to employers than your GPA. Like experience. Didn’t study as hard for a test because you were working an event the night before with CMT (might be speaking from personal experience, here) and chose real-world exposure over cramming? Hey. It’s alright. Working a media day is more impressive than the A on that test.

3. Prioritizing GPA over everything else in life keeps you from fully understanding what this working world is all about. Ironic, but true. We spend so much time perfecting a number that we neglect other aspects of life that give us different opportunities to grow. Outside of the classroom. As a person. Take advantage of the system, but don’t let it become a crutch. We were created for so much more.

All in all, this article rocked my academic, perfectionist-minded world. For example, it’s currently 3 am and I have school work scattered all around me. Am I motivated to get it done? Yes. But am I willing to kill myself over it? Not anymore. ‘Tis a balance, people. And once the perspective is mastered, it’s smooth sailing from there.

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